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Gorgeous Taylor Raz is ready to kick the randy stud's pulsating nuts like never before. Her long leg is so strong that it makes the fellow scream while the blonde is enjoying the view and preparing to hurt the guy even more.
Kicking your tiny balls gives me great pleasure so spread your legs and let me make you suffer while your cock is getting big. Don't scream. Real men can endure pain. Get up and let me hurt you again since I can see it is turning you on.
I will boot your balls so hard you will not be able to walk for days but that is not my problem. Pain is what you crave so enjoy the time I am spending on your pathetic sack which is not good for anything but kicking. You look silly while rolling on the floor and begging me to stop which you know will not happen anytime soon.
- Taylor Raz

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Tattooed Austin in a video at BallbustingPOV

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Cute Austin Lynn is not playing when it comes to punching the guy in the balls. Her strong leg is ready to make those soft balls bruised and pulsate from pain which turns her on so much.
Lying here makes me want to punt your big balls with my high heel. I bet that one hurt a lot but since you are a strong fellow I can see you endured that kick. I can sense that this turns you on while you are screaming my name and thinking about my alluring body which will never be yours.
Don't be such a pussy and let me exercise my kicks on your nuts. There is no point in begging because I will do whatever I please with your horny dong. You asked for this now be a man about it and don't beg me to stop since I am really loving this.
- Austin Lynn

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Princess Anna Self Ballbusting Tube Videos

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You really want to make a Princess happy, don't you? What makes Princess Anna really happy is watching a loser submissive like yourself do some self-ballbusting for her! Princess Anna demands that you are going to follow her directions and ballbust yourself.
She absolutely loves kicking guys in the balls but since she is not there to bring you to your knees in pain, she is just going to have you to do it to yourself and laugh at you. Your pain is her pleasure! Do you think you can take the pain?
Princess Anna demands that you punch yourself in the balls as hard as you can over and over again until you drop to the floor in pain! Now take your balls, SQUEEZE them and twist them...and let her hear your screams. Now get back to slapping yourself in the balls and Princess Anna wants to make sure they are swollen before she tells you to stop.
- Princess Anna

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Ashley Sinclair in a ballbusting POV video

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Hot Ashley Sinclair is preparing an amazing abuse for her naughty lover who is always up for some rough ball busting games. This brunette knows exactly what the kinky guy needs after being a bad boy. She will make that cock hard without even touching it but she will be kicking his pulsating nuts.
Spread your legs and show me those balls which are in need of some naughty abuse. I want to kick them with my strong leg which will make you twine from ache. I know you will enjoy feeling the throbbing pain after every kick.
Now make a fist and box your fat prick. I bet it feels great while you are hitting yourself. I can see that you are enjoying this kinky game since you are getting pretty hard right now. Punch your balls and let me watch you get stiff while I enjoy seeing you in pain.
- Ashley Sinclair

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Sadie Holmes Ballbusting Femdom Tube Videos

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Hey there little bitch boy, your balls are now mine. I'm going to reach down and SQUEEZE your balls until you can't take it anymore.
Then, I'm going to give you some nice swift kicks to the balls while you whither on the ground in pain. Your lucky I'm not wearing shoes or heels or I might just pop those balls!
Get on your knees and take your ballbusting like a man. Haha yea you know you love the feeling of getting kicked in the balls by a hot bitch like myself. Now stand up straight, put your hands behind your back and close your eyes for one last kick to the balls. This is going to hurt.
- Sadie Holmes

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Jasmine Shy Asian Milf Big Tits Ballbusting Videos

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Your balls are dangling there just begging to be kicked by me!
Look at your pathetic balls and just imagine how much pain you'll be in when I kick them. I'll bring you to your knees and you'll be hunched over on the ground in so much pain!
I won't stop there and will CRUSH your balls even harder into the floor! Your pain is my pleasure, LOSER!
- Jasmine Shy

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Princess Anna Femdom Ballbusting Ball Kicks Lesson

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Princess Anna knows that you're such a pervert! You took her panties again, and she can't believe you did that. Princess Anna thinks you need to learn your lesson.
She could either tell your parents what a loser you are or she could kick you in the balls a few times for her own amusement. What do you think? You should be punished so why don't you drop your pants and lean up against the door for the sexy Anna. She don't want to look at your face when she kicks you in the balls and she doesn't want you to know when it's coming or how hard it's coming.
You're going to spread your legs with your balls hanging down low for her and she is going to kick you as hard as she can right in your fucking balls! You're going to be in so much pain when Princess Anna kicks you over and over and over again right in that ball sack. You will hit the floor in excruciating pain while she just laughs at you on the ground curled up in a little ball holding your swollen balls. Princess Anna love ballbusting and think it's time for you to learn your lesson the hard way for perving.
- Princess Anna

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Making You Gay - Gay & Bi Fantasy

Making You Gay Bi Fantasy Feminization Crossdressing Cuckolding
You'll do anything for a couple of hot bitches won't you? I think we should totally whore you out and make you suck dick. You've always thought of sucking another man off and being humiliated by femdommes

Femdom Craze - Femdom POV Megasite

Femdom Craze Femdom POV
Femdom Craze is the premier Femdom POV Megasite with over 4 daily updates of a variety of femdom & humiliation related niches. Enjoy hundreds of videos with safe anonymous billing malware free.

Eat Your Cum - Cum Eating Instruction

Eat Your Cum CEI Cum Eating Instructions
Mmmm yea you want to cum so bad we can feel it so go ahead faster, faster, faster now cum for us! Cum all over our tits and lick it up bitch! Lick all that jizz of yours up and swallow it

Foot Fetish Addiction - Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish Addiction Foot Fetish Worship
Look at my size 7 feet and how much you so desperately want them. I can spread them very wide and have you lick in between all of them. How about you stick your dick in between my arches

Chastity Craze - Chastity

Chastity Craze Chastity Humiliation
It's a chastity device and your dick will soon be stuffed inside of it and locked up for good. It will be oh so painful and yet so hot for me while I tease your locked up cock

Jerk Your Dick - Jerk Off Instruction

Jerk Your Dick JOI Jerk Off Instruction
Are you ready to masturbate for me? You know you've always wanted to stick your dick inside of my pussy since I was a hot, sexy cheerleader. My body and tits totally turn you on and you love it

Ballbusting POV - Ballbusting

Ballbusting POV Ballbusting Kicks
I demand that you are going to follow my directions and ballbust yourself. I absolutely love kicking guys in the balls but you are going to have you to do it to yourself and I will laught at you

Giantess Fetish Clips - Giantess

Giantess Fetish Clips Size Fetish
Haha I almost stopped on you but I think that's what you want! You love getting crushed under a giantess like me and love being humiliated for just how tiny you are

Small Penis Humiliators - SPH

Small Penis Humiliators SPH Small Penis Humiliation
We can't believe that you actually pulled that small dick out of your pants in front of us. You're pathetically disgusting and should be ashamed to have such a tiny dick!

Tickle Craze - Tickling Lezdom

Tickle Craze Tickling Fetish Lezdom
Catherine knows how ticklish she is and it's the last thing she wants but she eventually realizes that's what the two girls are going to do for some sweet revenge