Ashley Sinclair Ballbusting High Heel Humiliation

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Remember that time I kicked you in the balls? Haha yea of course you do!
It was so funny for me watching you in total pain when I kicked you right in the balls and you dropped to your knees. You got ballbusted by a hot bitch like myself and you loved it when I stood over you laughing at you!
I'm going to ballbust you even harder today and make sure you are unable to reproduce. I can tell you love ballbusting by how excited your getting but once I kick them as hard as I can you'll be in serious pain. Let's get started wih some ballbusting, shall we?
- Ashley Sinclair

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Gia Bo kicking the balls

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Since Beau woke Gia Steele up it was time for him to pay because the petite mistress really hates being woken up by the guy who only wants to fuck her. Her foot between his thighs was a great punishment for the naughty stud.
What is wrong with you waking me up in the middle of the night? Spread your legs and let me inflict pain on your scrotum! You will feel my anger since you are obviously asking to be kicked in your pathetic nuts! Get up and don't talk back to me, respect me since I am your mistress and you will do as I say!
I'm sorry you can't take the pain anymore but I will make those balls bruised. Watching you suffer is the greatest reward for me so keep me happy by widening those legs for my foot. Let's try it a few more times.
- Gia Steele & Beau

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Alexis Grace and Jewell Marceau in a ball busting POV video

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Alexis Grace and Jewell Marceau know how to make their sex slave beg for mercy while kicking his tight balls. The ladies really love watching the fellow whine while their pumps make his balls blue. The painful pleasure is all the kinky guy craves to feel between his legs.
Well, look at this poor prick and his pathetic dong. He is in need of some serious ball busting. Let's give it to him hard and watch him enjoy our high heels on his throbbing nuts. Make him beg for mercy while those balls pulsate from our rough kicks.
I hope he will not get any sweat on my pink shoes I would really hate for them to be ruined. They are brand new so I'll make him lick it off. Oh, it's funny how he screams after every jolt but I can still see he is enjoying this so much!
- Alexis Grace & Jewell Marceau

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Addie tells you what she is going to do with your balls

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Because lovely Addie Juniper needed to get back into shape she asked her lover to spread his legs so she could practice her kickboxing kicks. Plus, it was a real treat watching the guy suffer in pain while the brunette's leg is boxing his balls.
Okay, since I need to work on my stamina I decided that your nuts are a great punching bag. Please widen your legs and don't scream while I'm kicking you harder and harder and watching you suffer. You need to be more durable than this because I will not be able to practice properly!
The only thing we don't want to hurt her is my lovely foot since I will not have anything to kick you with. But no worries, your pulsating balls will ease my pain. Plus, I am really enjoying watching you roll on the floor while squeezing your wounded nuts.
- Addie Juniper

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Jolene Hexx Ballbusting vid

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Kicking the silly guy in the balls is what gives Jolene Hexx great pleasure. There is something fun about watching the fellow scream from pain like a little baby while he is rolling on the floor and begging for mercy.
The only pleasure you can provide for me at the moment is spreading your legs and letting me kick you really hard. That sounds like a great idea so let's start making your balls black and blue! You will beg me to stop in no time. But you are out of luck since I got really up for this naughty game.
It will be great seeing you curled up on the floor while your balls pulsate from pain. Make sure to endure the sweet suffering since I can see it's turning you on. Boxing your dick feels unbelievable, this is the best time I had in a while.
- Jolene Hexx

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Austin Bo in a hot ballbusting video clip at Ballbustingpov

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When tall Austin Lynn asks Beau to spread his legs for her he better obey since the punishment will be even more severe. Being this girl's slave is all the naughty guy craves because he knows how hard the hot sex bomb will kick his pain hungry scrotum.
You like it when I tease you when you have no idea when my pump will hit your nuts. I can see that felt good and that it is turning you on. Oh, come on, I hope that's not all you can take. We just started to have fun so prepare for my leg boxing your scrotum.
Get back up and show me what you are made from. Spread them wide and get ready for the ball busting of a lifetime. I can see that you crave more so I am going to give it to you since I am in a good mood.
- Austin Lynn & Beau

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Alexis in a ballbusting video

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There is nothing sweeter than being busted by busty Alexis Grace who really know how to treat the man's nuts. Her heels are there to make every kick even more painful and memorable.
Since you seem to enjoy teasing me with your balls, take off your underwear and let's see how much you can endure, I hope a lot because I am really into this hot kinky experience. Did my black shoe feel good on your sack when it kicked you? I can sense it did since you are curling up from the pain which was my intention the whole time.
It feels great grinding your dick with my bare foot and squeezing that erected tool until it turns blue from ache. I can see you got an erection from this kinky game. It turns me on to watch you suffer so let's continue making you ache in pain.
- Alexis Grace

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